David Rohrmann

David Rohrmann, born 1982, has specialised in Business Ethics and Organisational Development during his Philosphy & Economics studies in Bayreuth. In Japan, he continued his studies in International Management and Leadership Development.

David Rohrmann is lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Bayreuth in the areas of Ethical Leadership, Service Learning, Corporate Social Responsibility, Collective Intelligence and Governance. He coordinates an attached Think Tank as interface between philosophy and economics with selected organisations from the private and public sector. Here, organisational questions from the perspectives of research, consulting and society are dealt with.Since 2008, he is consultant at 1492 The Collective Intelligence. He is also co-founder of the 1492 New School of Business, which offers leadership development programs for collective intelligent leadership, integral consulting and personal growth.He is a scientific author, publishes the Rethink Series for socio-economic change, and blogs at the Harvard Business Manager.


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