Prof. Dr. Ali Gökmen | Chemist & Founder of Ecovillage in Ankara


1. About me: “I retired recently as a professor of Chemistry at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. In my PhD, I studied nuclear science at the University of Maryland in America. But recently I am interested in a systemic view of life, that is making connections with all components of nature for a sustainable living.”

2. Guiding motto: “I am inspired by the motto of Buckminster Fuller, an architect, author and writer: ‘You can not change the current system by fighting it, but by building a new system that makes the old obsolete.'”

3. What is my passion: “Connection with others by compassion.”

4. With whom I would like to argue: “Young people who have as a dream to build and live in a community to change the current system.”

5. What is important to me in a dialogue: “To exchange ideas with people for a sustainable living.”