Prof. Dr. Inci Gökmen | Chemist & Global Ecovillage Network


1. About the person: “I studied Chemistry at Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey, then received the PhD at University of Maryland, USA. Afterwards I returned METU and worked there as a Professor until my retirement in October 2018. Questions that I have:


2. Guiding motto: “I am one of the lucky persons who could get a good education, I used the resources of poor people in my life. I feel I owe others and I will find ways to pay back.”


3. What is my passion: “That love, peace and understanding dominate the earth, so that there will be no more killings, abuses, fights and wars, so the life on earth sustains itself forever. We are plenty but scattered, we should find ways to come together and work together towards that direction.”


4. With whom I would like to argue: “With young people. I am ready to listen to them, understand them, work with them. They are our future.”


5. What is important to me in a dialogue: “To meet people who are willing to listen to me, try to understand me and in the end we have mutual inspirations.”